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Travel Guide - Wuyi Mountain Scenic Spot

Wuyi Mountain China tour deals consists of Wuyi Mountain scenic spot and the natural reserve. The scenic spot is about 60 square kilometers and people praise it as “a miracle and beauty belittles the south-eastern area”. The scenery here is summarized as “three-three and nine-nine”; “three-three” refers to the 9-kilometer long Jiuqu Stream winds though the mountain and “nine-nine” refers to the 99 rocks which stand among cliffs and woods.

The highlight of the scenery lies in the Jiuqu Stream with clear water winding across the mountain China travel service, which contributes to the enchanting view of streams circling mountains and mountains embosoming waters. Standing in the stream are the most famous peaks. Mysterious hanging coffins are in the perilous cliffs. There are also other sights of great cultural value in the beauty spot, including Yulin pavilion, porcelain cave-house of Song Dynasty, Wuyi Palace and so on.

Wuyishan natural reserve is the largest and most complete central-Asia tropical forest ecosystem in South-east China. Scenery here embodies majesty, ancient-simplicity and enchanting beauty with high-rising peaks and verdant flourishing ancient forests. In addition, the resort boasts its extremely abundant biological resource and is listed on the human and nature reserves of UN.

Besides the inviting scenery, Wuyishan has a long history of culture and traditions. There were prime periods as Xia and Shang Period, Western Han Dynasty and Southern Song Dynasty China tour packages. The period of Ancient Yue culture symbolized by gap-shelved boat coffins, the period of Western Han culture symbolized by ancient Han City and the period of rational culture in Song Dynasty symbolized by Zhuxi, all added profound sense of history to the renowned mountain.

More Tips:
Special remarks on Wuyishan Scenic Spot: ◆ prime visiting time: June and July ◆ Traffic in the spot is not very convenient; all kinds of vehicles even sometimes tractors can be seen on the road. They are all available to tourists who are heavy-packed and tired of trudging on foot. ◆ Remember to bargain if there are no marked prices on local restaurants’ menus, and sometimes even if there are, you can also bargain with them if the prices are higher than your expectation. ◆ You’d better make a plan of where you would like to go before the visit and be careful to choose the sights beyond your plan recommended by the local tourist guide, for such places are usually with high admissions and disappointing scenery. ◆ If you want to find a tourist guide or a package car, be sure to inquire more than one available before you make the final decision. ◆ The mobile signals in Wuyishan beauty spot are good; you can feel free to use your phone whether you are a customer of Unicom or Mobile.

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