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Where is Yangcheng Lake Tourism Resort?

Yangcheng Lake Underwater Entertainment China tour deals position is situated at Yangcheng Lake, northern western of Kunshan Town.

It is predicted to require financial commitment of 450 million yuan ($73.35 million), with available resources of 200 million yuan ($32.6 million). The primary features has been finished, and the southern part around the stream features more than 830,000 rectangular shape meters afforested area.

The recreation area will cover an position of 3.79 rectangular shape kilometers, such as h2o position of 1.2 rectangular shape kilometers China tour packages, divided into eight areas with styles related to h2o and crabs, and will integrate tourist, enjoyment, health and shopping features – and much more.

The development of the China travel service Yangcheng Lake Underwater Entertainment position adhere to the key of keeping the unique style and the environment of the swamplands, with medical planning and actions concerning h2o purification, and greening of the position – in a bid to become Kunshan's natural "air purifier".%%@af$ko&we*312

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