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To pick antique at Panjiayuan Antiques Market

Located western of Panjiayuan Link China tour deals and southern of the Eastern Third Band Road, the Panjiayuan Items Industry is Beijing's most popular vintage market, growing from its modest origins as a flea market in the beginning Nineties.

All manner of antiques are on sale among the a large number of market booths. Artwork, calligraphy works, ceramics, jade massage beds, furniture, money, military excess, Buddhist relics are all available. If you are not an professional, simply roaming around the 40,000 plus booths is just as much fun Beijing tour!

The companies are exclusively cartoon on saturdays and sundays when the long lasting booths and stores are signed up with by providers establishing out their products on the ground. Get there beginning.%%@af$ko&we*318

Admission: Free

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