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Learn something about Shuangxiu Park

Shuangxiu Recreation area China tour deals includes China Design and Japanese people Design Landscapes. It is the only Japanese people style park in China.

Huifang Lawn, the China Design Lawn, is of green plants and poetical grassland with pavilions, sources and creative statues. The zig-zag routes and connects, plus water fall make quite another field. There is also a children’s play area to entertain children. Cuishi Lawn is of Japanese people style, the rockeries and building components in this garden Beijing tour are given by Asia. Your garden is easy and traditional, Japanese people style flat structures are against mountains and experiencing the ponds. Turtle Isle and Motorised hoist Isle in the pool are representing excellent.

The feature of Shuangxiu Recreation area Beijing travel is little but beautiful, easy but occult, subjective but powerful. No bigger than a hectare, and some may only as little as few rectangle metres, however, the designer used the least components to express the ultimate effect. %%@af$ko&we*319

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