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Get to know Nanguan Mosque of Linxia City

The Nanguan Mosque is one of the most popular mosques in China suppliers, as well as one of the Sacred Areas of Islam in North west China suppliers. It is situated at Jiefang Street in Linxia Town, Gansu Region, and near the Hongshui River Yangtze river Cruise.


It was recognized at the end of the Yuan Empire (1271-1368), and was damaged and renewed many periods. The current structures were renewed in 1979 and protect an place of 2,180 rectangle metres.


The primary structures consist of the praise place, the entry place, the minarets, the Wangyue Pavilion China tour deals, and the sermon space. The praise place encounters the eastern and is a combined development. The ambulatory around the praise place is reinforced by 30 large content. There are stylish and historical tangible embossments on the entry walls. On the top of the top side part of the praise place, there are three natural domed minarets of 22 metres high.


The Wangyue Pavilion is designed with Aquarius and vibrant styles of the celestial satellite. Ancient Persia lections are designed on the surfaces of the sermon space, which is the place for expert spiritual employees to understand the Alcoran and the supporters to execute spiritual rituals.

This mosque brings together conventional China structural art and the Persia design China tour packages. It is caused by the mixing of southern and european societies.%%@af$ko&we*325

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