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The general information on Seven-Star Park

Seven-star Recreation area China tour deals is situated on the eastern financial institution of Li Stream in the city area of Guilin. The park contains organic mountains and rivers and is the biggest park in Guilin. The park has become a wonderful place for the natives and guests to visit. The park requires its name from the seven mountains neighborhood that look like the design of the seven celebrities in the Ursa Major constellation (Great keep or Big Dipper). These seven mountains, three mountains on the Cres Mountain and four mountains on the Putuo Mountain, types the main part of the park.

The entrance to the Seven-star Recreation area is the Plant Link (Hua Qiao), an stylish curved framework way returning to the Music Empire China tour packages (700 decades ago). This stone bridge is 200 legs lengthy, situated at the point of Xiaodong Stream and Linjian Stream.

The popular Seven Celebrity Cavern is situated at the Putuo Mountain. Seven-Star Cavern Guilin travel is more than one and a half kilometers (0.93 miles) lengthy. It has a year lengthy heat range of about 68 level F. The record of Seven Celebrity Cavern being a vision seeing identify old returning to the Tang Empire (1,300 decades ago). Development over a large number of countless numbers decades of organic causes, the cave is a wonderland of stalactites, stone support beams and stone. It requires about an hour for a frequent planned trip to discover the cave.
Another fascination point of the park is the Camel Mountain, getting its name for the limestone shape looks like a camel relaxing among the plants. Also, Gui Hai Steles' Woodlands (Gui hai bei lin) that has more than 2000 stone designs done in olden days had obtained its popularity as "Ancient Calligaphy Art Circles". %%@af$ko&we*326

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