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Travel Guide - Xieyang Island

After attaining Weizhou Region China tour deals by deliver, you can then take the luxury vessel or motorboat journey to Xieyang Region. Xieyang Region is a small isle of no more than 2 rectangle miles (about 0.8 rectangle miles) situated 9 sea miles (about 10 miles) away from Weizhou Region. Status on Weizhou Region you can see the surroundings of the sun dipping & glowing on Xieyang (slanting sun) Region which provided it its name -Xieyang Region.

On maui you can see the outstanding scene of underwater worn away and gathered physiognomy. There is numerous plants on Xieyang Region mainly made up of Masson Maple and Taiwan Acacia China tour packages. The islanders both on Weizhou Region and Xieyang Region are very sincere and they stay a simple life. There is no veggie market on the area, thus each family lifestyles on the seafood. If there are seafood remaining, they will put them in the sea water from the lender with no fear of them being thieved.%%@af$ko&we*402

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