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Pay a visit to Nantong Textile Museum

The Nantong Fabric Art gallery China tour deals, situated at Nantong City of Jiangsu Region, is the first special museum of textile in China suppliers. Nantong, the platform of the contemporary nationwide industry of pure cotton rotating and weaving and one of the birthplaces of technological knowledge of rotating and weaving, was a well-known area of hand-woven fabric a century ago. The museum was finished and started out to the public in Oct 1985.

The museum, protecting a total area of 18,000 rectangle metres with the floor area of 4,500 rectangle metres, is consisting of two parts China Educational tours, the primary developing and the reliable developing. The primary developing includes six display places, a store for displays and workplaces. The structures are in the style of China nationwide places. The places are divided from each other with courtyards but signed up with together with passageways and passages. The courtyards are designed with paintings, statues, blossoms and plants, and rockeries so that visitors can have a feeling of traveling around a garden. In the reliable developing, designs are used to recover the traditional features of pure cotton growing, manufacturing of hand-woven fabric, professional dealings and contemporary textile classes at the end of the Ming Empire (1644-1911) and the beginning of the Republic of China suppliers.

Most of the traditional artifacts and traditional data gathered in the museum are local ones. Relatively discussing, the ceramic rotating rim uncovered at Qingdun of Hai'an, the review of Zhang Jian's success of successful the headline of Zhuangyuan (conferred to the one who came first in the biggest imperial examination) in 1894, and the stock stocks, account guides, business represents and items of the initial phase of Dasheng Fabric Work are more valuable. The examples of the contemporary fabrics are the items of the textile generators all over China suppliers that have won the silver or silver honor. The basic events of the museum are the Best Textiles of China suppliers, the History of Fabric in Nantong and the Types of Contemporary Excellent Textiles.%%@af$ko&we*409

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