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Travel Guide - The Gigantic Cypress Wood in Nyingchi

The massive cypress timber is in the place of the reduced gets to of the Yaluzhangbu Stream and the Niyang Stream at the permission of 3,000 to 3,400 metres. In the Giant Cypress Characteristics Source of the Bajie Township Tibet Tours, there spread thousands of such large cypresses only seen in Tibet, which are mentioned for their large shrub capped teeth and straight trunks.

The massive cypress timber in Bajie Town is known for its top situation. The cypresses here are 44 metres great on regular and their regular trunk place size is 158 cm. The cypress master in the middle of the timber has a size of 56 metres and chest place size of about six metres. Seen from range, it looks like a large outdoor umbrella or marquee whose top includes a place region of over one acre. It has been status here for more than 20 thousands of years and well known by the residents as "the God of Tree". The regional Tibetan group opinions the cypress timber as a part of sacred place affordable China travel packages. According to the tale, the historical cypresses are the plants of lifestyle for Ben founder-Xinraomibao. Therefore the pilgrims from far away come here to praise the plants from now and then.%%@af$ko&we*410

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