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Travel Guide - Mao'er Mountain of Guilin

Mao'er (cat) Hill China tour deals is the starting point for the Li, Zi and Xun Rivers and is often generally known as the middle of the Li flow system. The Yuecheng wide range at 2142 metres above sea-level roles the first during the five eye-catching side located on the mountain, known as "the first wide range in The southern part of China".

Mao'er Hill Resource is a national recognized ecological servicing position in the northern part of Guilin Guilin travel, two hours from the city of Guilin. This space around Mao'er Hill is packed with natural appeal and eye-catching places including: the Lingqu Imperial Dyke, Merryland Enjoyment Car park, Huajiang Features Resource, Octagonal in form in form Forests Car park, Nationwide Danxia Geology Car park , Zi Stream, Wupai Stream, the Longsheng Hot-spring, Longsheng feed balconies. Set up. Mao'er itself is an in-depth natural sea of vegetation and traditional old-growth forested acres. It is said the optimum which is often enclosed in apply is the home of Buddha, watching over those on the mountain.

The mountain range that contains Mao'er Hill Guilin tour, Tai Hill, Lu Hill, Hua Hill and E'mei Hill are home to a wide range of amazing and unique position and animal life, along with the amazing scenery this is a perfect place for relaxing on summer season months holiday.%%@af$ko&we*417

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