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Main attractions in Tianhe Pool Scenic Area

1. Various caves and Tianhe Pool

A 210-m-wide calcified shoal waterfall is firstly leap to the eyes after entering the Tianhe Pool Scenic Area, and below the waterfall is the Xiangba Valley China tour deals, which is scattered all over with grotesque lime caves. Among all caves in Tianhe Pool Scenic Area, the Longtan Cave is the most famous- a fairyland which is consists of two parts, the water caves and dryland caves. It is 1000 meters long, 20-80 meters wide, over 50 meters high and a deepest water depth of 21 meters. In the cave are typical karst scenes of stalactites, stalagmites and stalagnates in thousands of postures. The dryland cave is about 200 meters long and with the Naihe Bridge being the most famous. The bridge connects two cliffs and below it is an unfathomable deep pool.

Tianhe Pool (literally Sky River Pool Trips to China), the quintessence of Guizhou landscapes, is so named because its water is flying down from a high above river. And over the river is the famous Tiansheng Stone Bridge, which connects the charming beauty of lakes, mountains and the magical karst caves.

2. Liusuo

Liusuo, or patent protector, is a traditional way to cross the river in the air in ancient time. The Liusuo in Tianhe Pool Scenic Area is 400 meters long spanning over the elegant Tianhe River, use which visitors can both have a marvelous full view of the whole park and experience the suspending galloping over the water.

3. Idyllic landscape with ancient water culture and ethnic culture

In the ethnic village of Tianhe PoolChina Holidays are a series of stone houses and various ancient tools related to water, such as, Xiabache (a kind of tool to make perfume by waterpower), waterwheel, water-powered roller for grinding grains, and water mill. Visitors can pay a visit to a peasant house to enjoy exquisite embroidery made by Miao people, or to take part in kinds of ethnic activities, such as bamboo dance, unite dance and grabbing of bridegroom. %%@af$ko&we*421

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