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A famous Tibet destination - Namjagbarwa Peak

Namjagbarwa is the 15th highest peak in the world having an altitude of 7782 merters above the sea level. It stands the interior of the bend of the Yarlung Tsangpo River Yangtze River tour. In face of Indian Ocean, the peak reflects an obvious vertical landform. Tropical rain forest in its valley and above the snow line, it is a snow world.

The sky-scraping Namjagbarwa Peak, with its majestic appearance, precipitous shape and unpredictable climate, has been an ambitious aim of mountain-climbing organizations from various countries.

From the foot of Namjagbarwa, upwards to the 7,782 meters summit, is the following sequence of ecological systems: tropical low mountain evergreen or semi-evergreen monsoon rain forests China tour deals; sub-tropical mountain evergreen and semi-evergreen broadleaf forests; warm temperate mid-mountain evergreen conifer forests; sub-frigid alpine bushes and grassy marshland; and sub-frigid alpine ice source and frigid ultra-alpine ice and snow.

There are full of glaciers in the valley , which mostly belong to the marine glacier. A lot of hot springs are at the foot of the Tibet Tours peak with particularly luxuriant vegetations.%%@af$ko&we*429

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