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Travel Experience to Lingering Garden or Liu Yuan

A few kilometers south of Tiger Hill is Lingering Garden China tour deals, a place to get lost after having tasted Suzhou’s delicacies over lunch. Sprawling over 3 hectares, it is one of the largest and most awe-inspiring gardens in Suzhou. It was initially built in the Ming Dynasty (1644-1911) by a doctor, who conceived it as a relaxing place for recovering patients. The “clinic” sign at the entrance of the garden is a reminder of its original purpose. Entering the garden, one can easily understand why the patients took to the place and inscribed their feelings about the garden on stone tablets that still hang from the walls today.

Liu Yuan is the archetype of classic Chinese gardens with its symphonic combination of rocks, water, nature and pavilions that display an affection for balance and harmony. The garden is filled with poetic scenes such as windows and doorways opening unto rockeries and small rooms displaying silk tapestries. Walking around the paths, the best way to soak it all in is by letting your senses and feelings be your guide.

A small bamboo forest leads to the small bonsai garden, which is meant to be miniature replicas of full-sized gardens. The place provides insight into master gardeners who have passed along their skills from ancient times. It is little wonder that bonsai trees are seen as objects for meditation. Hours can be spent just admiring these wonders. Look for the small garden China Vacation where other flowers and trees can be found. Here you can discreetly observe gardeners taking care of the plants and get a “behind the scenes” look at how they work their botanical magic.

Lingering Garden lives up to its name as couples rest in the shade of a tree, friends chat in a pavilion above the bonsai trees and families take a break to enjoy a snack.

Liu Yuan achieves the original aspiration of China Holidays Suzhou gardens: to reach fullness of the spirit. They were created by retired bureaucrats from the Qing and Ming dynasties who wanted to escape world affairs, and this getaway sensation is still palpable in each garden today. Enjoy it before reality comes flooding back.

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