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Travel Guide - Tibet Architecture

Tibetan architecture contains Oriental and Indian influences and reflects a deeply Buddhist approach Chinese Tours. The Buddhist wheel, with two dragons, can be seen on almost every monastery in Tibet. The design of the Tibet Ch? Gardens may vary, rounded walls in Kham to square, four-sided walls in Ladakh.

The most striking feature of Tibetan architecture is that many houses and monasteries are built on elevated sunny sites facing south, and are often made from a mixture of rock, wood, cement and earth. There is little fuel for heating or lighting, flat roofs are built to conserve heat, and multiple windows are designed to let in sunlight. The walls last minute China travel deals are mostly inclined inward at 10 degrees as a precaution against frequent earthquakes in the mountainous region.

Wide, Standing at 117 meters and 360 meters of the Potala Palace Tibet Tour, the most important example of Tibetan architecture. Former residence of the Dalai Lama, it contains over one thousand rooms within thirteen stories and portraits of past houses Lamas and statues of the Buddha Lama. It is between the outer White Palace, which serves as the administrative quarters, and the red light district Interior, which divided the hall of the Lamas, chapels, 10,000 shrines and a large library of Buddhist scriptures houses.

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