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Travel Guide - Liyuan Garden

Relaxing on the coast of Lihu Pond China tour deals in South west Wuxi, Liyuan Lawn provides attractive landscapes, with natural and undulating mountains in the distance, the vast lake as the background, red apple flowers, natural willow plants, twisting passages, synthetic mountains covered with natural plants, beautiful pavilions and kiosks, delicate connects and roaring surf.

Both the seal Misty Green Lihu and Taihu Ponds from the Secretary of state for Post and Telecoms of China suppliers in 1995, and the seal Taihu Pond visit China from the Democratic Individuals Republic of The philipines in 1996 took the Liyuan Lawn as the main landscapes.

The garden produced its name from Lihu Pond, also known as Wuli Pond. Tale has it that about 2,500 years ago, after huge expert Fan Li assisted Gou Jian, the fight it out of Yue Condition, to remove situations of Wu, he took the wise move of getting down and coming back to the privacy of Wuli Pond together with Xi Shi, a amazing beauty. Individuals of the later years changed the name of the river to Lihu Pond in memory of the huge expert Fan Li. Lihu Pond is a filter remove of water of 9.5 sq km, looking wonderful China travel videos with its couch potatoes and limpid face.

Liyuan Lawn is a private garden built in the early Last century. Traditional China garden structure and structure have been got in this garden, which combines with the scenery of Lihu Pond to become the most wonderful spot on the entire lake.%%@af$ko&we*0519

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