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Travel Around Haizi Mountain Scenic Area

This awesome picturesque place features unrivaled organic charm China tour deals. It is common Tibetan scenery, wonderful stunning red ponds, a organic hot springtime procured from the best of organic nutrient rich rich waters, huge monasteries that create a stunning comparison with the dry vacant scenery, punctuated only by massive hills and magnificent snow, it is a compulsory stop for all visitors to Dao Cheng Nation.

Located an awesome 4420 metres above sea level the continues to be of an historical glacier still are available above the river and is one of the biggest and most creatively exciting locations China tours in Chinese suppliers.

In 1982 fossilized prehistoric continues to be were found in the place China Holidays.The pond is consists of three ponds and loaded entirely with water. It pond forms in triangularity and the bottom is like that of a caldron, with a normal detail of 3 metres and inner point of a multitude of metres. It is numerous in fish and bird-life and the grasslands around the river are similar to that of Tibet yaks, goat's and boars walk in herds; moreover, Cervus albirostris (white-lipped deer, a varieties of deer that only live in China) can even be found there.%%@af$ko&we*0521

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