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The general introduction of Ding Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty

In Nov 2000, the Elegant Mausoleum of Ming and Qing Dynasties was recognized as "World Social Heritage" by the UN Company of Technology, Education and Lifestyle China tour deals. Located in north Chinese suppliers, the Elegant Mausoleum of Ming and Qing Dynasties is the greatest and most complete among the extant mausoleums in Chinese suppliers for emperors and empresses designed in olden days.

Ming Mausoleum is designed in a small sink at the foot of Tianshou Hill in Changping region, the north west place of China, and 44km away from the town center. The mausoleum includes 13 tombs of the Ming Empire, generally known as "Ming 13 Mausoleum". Here is where 13 emperors and 23 empress of the Ming Empire were hidden, together with many imperial concubines, princes, princesses, and many service personnel of the respect.

Ding Mausoleum is the associate of the royal tombs China tours and also the only one whose subterranean framework was uncovered. The development of Damage Mausoleum started in the Twelfth season of Wenli of Shenzong's rule (1584) and was finished in the Eighteenth season of Wanli (1590). Structures on the floor involve Value Town, Huge House, Ling'en Area, two floor reliable places, Ling'en Checkpoint, Ling Checkpoint, Shenbo Stove, Dinvine Clothing collection, Heavenly Stock, Slaughter Pavilion and Wailuo Town, etc. The Value Town and Huge House of the Dingling have been maintained pretty well.

The Huge House is not only gallant and wonderful, but also does not have timber and a fingernail. The rafters, supports and engraved board of the higher and lower caverns are all decorated with white-colored rock statues and coloured with vibrant images which look like timber framework.%%@af$ko&we*0525

The Underground Palace is a network framework developing. The developing includes 5 subterranean places China Photography Tours, i.e. front side, center, returning, left and right places, with the total place 1,195 rectangle miles. There are seven rock gateways in the five places. The rock gateways of the top side, center and returning places were most perfectly done with molded white-colored stone. Every rock gate has two results in, each of which is 3.3 m great and 1.8 m wide and is about 4 plenty. On every act of foliage, 81 nipple-like claws and attractive beast-head having knocker in the mouth are molded. The returning hall, the greatest one in the subterranean framework, is also called network room, which is the main part of the Underground Palace. It is 9.5 m great, 9.1 m wide and 30.1 m long, introduced with refined piebald rocks. On the top side of the coffin system, inner and external coffins are set with the Emperor Zhuyijun in the center and two A queen, Xiaoduan and Xiaojing on two ends respectively.

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