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What is the Cultural Great Wall?

With Lu Ji as the primary manager and He Luting, Zhou Weizhi and Sui Shen China tour deals as the vice publishers, this selection shows the quintessence of Chinese suppliers individuals songs, which were approved down by mouth from creation to creation.

While the selection was being collected in different areas, the publishers was adament on protecting the largest range, collecting the most complete styles and ensuring the finest quality. For example, individuals songs existing in a certain area would be examined and gathered extensively in types such as audio, musical show ratings, images, text messages and video visit China.

Each number of the selection shows the special features of the local songs in four parts: images, text messages, ratings and individuals performers insights for each. There are about 300,000 individuals songs in the selection, while the collection pieces reach about 40,000 with nearly 2,000 beautiful executing images China Educational tours. Of the total 30 amounts, 28 have already been launched, and the last two will be launched by 2005 to complete the whole selection of 49.32 million figures. %%@af$ko&we*0526

ollection of Chinese suppliers Conventional Safari Music

The primary manager of this selection is Zhou Weizhi and the vice publishers are Lu Su, Yu Cong, Alter Jingzhi and He Wei. The selection is a multiple-volume musical show sequence that is medical, extensive and associate. The selection consistently types out the fine songs heritages of traditional opera of various cultural categories and different areas as well as the success in opera songs after the organization of the People's Republic of Chinese suppliers.

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