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Get to know Tomb of the Jin Dynasty beside Xiyan Pool

The finding was basically China tour deals made right in the lawn of the "Sage of Calligraphy " Wang Xizhi's former property during the development of a close by recreation area in May 2003. Searching next to the Xiyan share (where it is considered Wang cleaned his styling brushes and ink slabs), employees came upon two historical stone tombs.

The tombs, designed like homes on the floor above, were the biggest and best maintained among tombs of the Han (206BC-AD220) and Jin (265-420) dynasties discovered in Shandong.

More than 250 places of brown, pottery, lacquer, metal, jade massage beds and silver relics were discovered in the 8-meter-wide, 5-meter-long No 1 grave. Among them seven items were considered to be social relics from the country's first category, another seven from the second category and 45 more from the third category China travel service.

The most popular find was a very specific brown doll illustrating a man driving on a lion. The non-Han cultural men has on an luxurious high hat and a fit of armour, with strong, huge sight staring forward, a unique nasal area, and a hairs and whiskers. The lion has striking sight and a brought up go, baring his tooth.

Another finding, the celadon shui zhu (water container), is also very beautiful. Hardly ever seen nowadays, it is a small vacant package with two skin pores on the outer lining area. One of its two gaps was connected as the package was organised at an position so h2o could drop out gradually from the other part. Used as beginning as in the Han Empire , the package was a brilliant indicates of siphoning fluid.


The No 1 grave, where three kids were hidden, produced the biggest number of relics China Photography Tours from a Jin grave so far uncovered in the region. It works as a stunning representation of Jin funeral traditions. However, it is unusual that only the systems of three kids were located in such an luxurious grave. The No 2 grave, which is bigger than the first, is the biggest single-chamber stone grave discovered in the region. Unfortunately, it has been pillaged on two events.

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