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Significance: It has provided significant content things for the study of social continues to be of the Mid Paleolithic Age China vacation deals in Chinese suppliers.




The popular "Dingcun Man" of the Rock Age used to live here. In the fall of 1954 a extensive excavation was performed in Dingcun Website. Over 2,000 relics from the Dingcun Man were uncovered in the Website, such as individual and creature past, as well as stone resources. Research made on the Dingcun Lifestyle show that in the center of the Paleolithic Age about a hundred million years ago, the Dingcun Men were already definitely involved in tracking and collecting plant seeds and other eatables from crazy vegetation and basic communities were established on such a foundation.
Heavy angular indicated implement: device (up-left, duration 17 cm); Large angular indicated implement Tour of China: device (up-right, duration 17 cm); Human non-renewable teeth: (bottom)


Dingcun Dwellings


In the area of the website are spread over 40 well-preserved residences, designed in the conventional style of the Ming and Qing dynasties between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth hundreds of years. All the residences in the town are set out in a quadrangle design experiencing southern, and involve main places, flanks, archways, ceremonial archways, funeral archways, watching systems and embroidering classes. The complete area is 480,000 rectangle metres. The earliest homes were designed in 1593, during the Ming Empire, and the most latest, during the Republic of Chinese suppliers (1912-1949).

Generally, the structures are organized in three categories China Photo Tour, that is, the northern courtyard, center courtyard and southern courtyard, organized in a lightweight and shaped way. The structure of the courtyards, position of gates, mountain of rooftops, and decorations and designs on ms windows and gates differ from the Ming to the Qing dynasties. Each residing is wonderfully designed with historical structural designs of blossoms, creatures and theatrical numbers. Woodcuts and stone designs are loaded with content and complex in design. Components like stone, timber and stone make the structures not only wonderful but also realistic and highly immune to world shaking.

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