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Jiangnan travel experience - Flower Harbor Park With Gold Fish

From olden days, there is an historical China saying: "As there is heaven in Paradise, so there are Hangzhou and Suzhou on this planet." Hangzhou China tour deals generates its name because of a amazing Western Lake, always recognized in historical poetry.

The Plant Harbour Recreation area with Fantastic Seafood is an isle enclosed by Western Lake and external Western Lake, which peony park taken over the main part. You can ignore the whole landscapes in the Plant Harbour Recreation area from the relaxing Pavilion.

The large variety of flowers and golden fish are the top positions neighborhood. Peony Recreation area is the best position for experiencing the flowers, among which the light red, the green, and the violet peonies are most popular. Besides peonies, there are more than 200 varieties of flowers.

In springtime, you can fragrance the fragrances of China streaming Crabapples China travel, azaleas, apple flowers, and China herbaceous peonies. Coming to summer, you can view the Yulan magnolia, China crape myrtle, and lotus.%%@af$ko&we*0603

In fall, you can appreciate the laurel. While during the cold months months season, you can fragrance winter lovely, camellia, and the nandina.

The best position experiencing the golden fish is the Red fish Lake, where most golden fish are red and golden or gold and lemon, China Educational tours regular 1ft long and some even longer. You can nourish them or just watch the golden fish playing in-groups.

Beautiful flowers and the moving golden fish in the Plant Harbour Recreation area make everyone comfortable. You can appreciate the natural charm here.

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