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According to Travel Information to Harbin Harbin Travel, St. Sophia Cathedral in Harbin is the biggest Southern Traditional Cathedral in the Far Eastern. It was designed in 1907 by Soviets and is the only one of several Traditional chapels in Harbin. Lately, the internal of the church was renewed, but left in as much of its unique state as possible. Within the church is a collection that describes the record of the church and of Harbin. In 1996, the town govt announced St. Sophia Cathedral a secured building. Six months later, the Harbin City govt fixed it and relabeled it as Harbin Art Collection. It is a decent milestone for Harbiners and for tourists.

St. Sophia Cathedral has a complicated record. Soon after the Fighter Revolt (1899-1901), the European designed the church of wood in Goal China tour deals, 1907. Then, the European renewed it using brickwork and wood four years later. The start of a second renovation by European was noticeable on Sept Twenty third, 1923. And a wedding was organised to enjoy resting the area rock. It was finished on Nov Twenty fifth, 1932. Nine years later, it was confirmed as a massive work of art.

The church was designed using Byzantine designs with an assortment of China and European lifestyle China tour. Within the church there are also popular paintings coloured by European performers as well as seven watches that audio seven different notices. The main part of the church is in the form of a combination and on sunshine, the church informs people of the Red Rectangle in Moscow. By the Nineties, St. Sophia had gone through significant decrease. The church no longer was in use, and personal flats and offices enclosed it. Spectacular European coloured paintings that decorated the church's curved surfaces were damaged out of identification. While in 1997, the Harbin govt started to reverse the years of destruction. But as the unique European paintings were missing completely, they were changed by topically new paintings illustrating the structural record of the Harbin group. And passes across that were eliminated in six locations were changed.

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