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Get to know Sub-attractions near Ding Tombs

Most destinations were dug from the Di Structure China tour deals, which are stunning and luxurious with top quality and intracacies. Every year, they draws a large number of guests form all parts of the world visit here.
Jinyishan Crown

It includes front side aspect, back aspect and position. The top is 24 cm great, the back aspect of which is 22 cm great. The quality is 20.5 cm wide. The whole top is created of lengths of gold and each aspect is connected by dense lengths of gold. The outside aspect is a pigtail created of lengths of gold and the two perspectives is created independently. The lower aspect is in a rectangular shape pipe and the back aspect is designed by two mythical beasts enjoying with a gem. The quality is an rectangle designed with gold band of slots. The strategy of the top is significant and the designs are stunning, which is a excellent example of the precious metals things in Ming Empire.
Twelve China Dragons and Nine Phoenixes Coronet

Phoenix coronet is designed with arizona. Phoenix China tour is the king of the parrots, so only king or queen can are entitled to it. It was usually used in some serious events, for example, marriage. Common people are prohibited to put on it.

There are four uncovered arizona coronets from Damage Tombs and the number of mythical beasts and phoenixes is different from each other. One of the capped teeth is designed with six China monster and three phoenixes. The mythical beasts are on the top of each side with a sequence of pellets in their months, as if they were enjoying with the phoenixes. The three traveling phoenixes are in the top side aspect. During the Ming and Qing Empire, the top women use in the marriage is also called arizona.
Gold keep and Jue

The cup was uncovered from Damage Tombs China Educational tours in 1958, which includes a gold keep and Jue (ancient wine beverages owner with three feet and a cycle handle). The Jue is strong with two tubes. The three feet are outside-falling and the cycle manage is rectangle. The plate is smooth with a cyndrical pipe in the center and three wide forms on three ends. Each wide has one plant designed with gemstone.

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