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Get to know Chishui Shizhang Waterfall Group

In the Renyou Flow Area China tourism, Renyou Flow Drops is on the other bank of the Chishui Flow by the street from Fuxing to Shizhang Cavern. Do you observed about Renyou River? It has groves of shrub ferns and groves of green bamboo bedding, which makes it a lavish area. There are five remarkable waterfalls flowing down from the hill from 300 metres. The rising, pounding h2o can make you tremble rom the vibrations in our planet. Next to waterfalls, there is a grove of shrub ferns, where you can appreciate the amazing landscapes.

Formed by slowly enduring, the Stone Outdoor umbrella is situated in the woodlands by the Xiangxi Kou Tank. Because of the lengthy history, it was known as 10,000 Season Stone Outdoor umbrella. In fact, it is just like an umbrella with the huge rock. The"umbrella" is 6.2 metres high and 1.2 metres lengthy at the slimest part. It is a must-see in Zunyi Town.

As popular as the Huangguoshu Fountain, Shizhang Cavern Fountain is 76 metres in size and 80 metres in size. According to the data, it is even 8 metres higher than the China tour packages Huangguoshu Fountain and only 1 gauge smaller than it. As a impact, it is considered as one of the waterfall amazing things in Chinese suppliers. Liu Haisu personified it as "the Beautiful Lady in the Valley", who is a popular artwork professional.

It is just like 1000 horse running when the h2o flowing down a precipice. Sometimes, it is a misty apply within a few hundred metres. Sometimes you can see the amazing and amazing "Buddha Halo", a shifting band of h2o. There are some lavish plants around the falls, which is green throughout the all year lengthy. On the way to the waterfall, you can find a waterfall made by producing usable energy and a"Hallow Waterfall". It is a wonder of the country.

About 2 kilometers from the Shizhang Cavern Fountain, the Hallow Fountain is on the street from Lianghe Kou to Shizhang Cavern China business travel, which is 18.5 metres in size and 75.6 metres in size. Seen from a range, the Hallow Fountain is just like a gold fabric clinging in the valley. The amazingly h2o sparkles in the sun. Thus, natives known as the"Beautiful Comb".

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