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Explore the area of Old Summer Palace

The Old Summer time Structure, which is known in China suppliers as the China tour deals Landscapes of Ideal Lighting, is also known as as "Garden of Gardens" for its comprehensive selection of lawn and developing architectures and other performs of art. The Garden was first of all designed in the year of 1709 during the area of the Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Empire (1644-1911). And during the following 150 years of the Qing Empire, this lawn was extended to a comprehensive emperors’ personal lawn, protecting a complete area of 350 hectares. However, this exclusive imperial lawn was damaged by the English and Italy soldiers in 1860 during the Second Opium war, and these days what we can see are the remains of some components.

The Old Summer time Structure involve three areas, they are Yuanmingyuan, Wanchunyuan (the Garden of Growing Spring) and Changchunyuan (the Garden of Everlasting Spring China tours) with thousands of picturesque areas, which are made up of wonderfully designed places, pavilions, compartments, kiosks, world and stone mountains, waterways and lakes etc. it was considered as the substance of China historical scenery farming. However, Old Summer time Structure is also known as the 'Versailles of the East' for some european structure, such as the Huge Waterworks, the Throne for watching the Waterworks and the Network. Besides, Old Summer time Structure was also an imperial art gallery that gathered a huge number of guides, value and social relics.

However, most of them were plundered by the Anglo-French Allied Causes in 1860 when this lawn was used down. Now, most of thses traditional curiosities are shown in the other countries' museums, such as English Museum; Bibliotheque Nationale de France; Urban Museum of Art, New You are able to Town Business travel to China, USA; Oslo Museum of Used Art and so on.

While roaming among the remains in this lawn, there is a opportunity to know the prime of this lawn in the display area with a little design of this lawn.

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