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Get to know Puotuocheng Temple

Known as the "Little Potala Palace" China tour deals, this forehead is the greatest forehead of the Eight External Wats or temples and was first of all designed in the thirty-second year of Emperor Qianlong for the objective of enjoying his 60th wedding and his mom's Eightieth wedding. This forehead has been selected by many tourists as the different of the Polata Structure in Tibet due to the actual similarity between the two spectacular components.

In the forehead, the 60 flat-roof-house-like white-colored systems and Sanskrit white-colored systems sets easily beyond the axes to deal with the hilly landscape China tours, while the primary structures of the big red square-shaped systems detects just above these white-colored systems is very eye-catching in comparison with the nearby white-colored lofts. This system was used to keep great spiritual traditions and fulfill the tribe chiefs from important cultural categories as well as high authorities by the emperors.

The overall agreement is consisting of three parts: the top side aspect, the center aspect and the returning aspect. The front side side aspect starts at the five-hole rock link at the front side of the forehead and the hill checkpoint, stele pavilion and five-tower gateways. The hill checkpoint and the stele pavilion adhere to the way of Han style. In the center aspect, there are the shaded glaze archway and tower-courts of the white-colored system. The big red system at the returning is the primary body of the developing team.

In the stele pavilion, there are identities and designs in figures used by Man individuals Business travel to China, Han individuals, Mongolians and Tibetans in the pavilion, like A History of Putuozongcheng Temple, A History of Tu’erhute Group Coming Over and Promising Allegiance and A Recsssord of Displaying solicitude for Tu'erhute Group, all of which have valuable traditional value. In northern of the pavilion and on the flat-roof system, five Lama Systems were successively set up in different colors: dark, white-colored, yellow-colored, natural and red.

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