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Travel Guide - Yufeng Hill

Yufeng Hill, indicates seafood optimum hill as the 88 gauge hill in affordable China tours Yufeng Recreation area looks like a status seafood. The optimum of the hill is a good statement point of the commercial town of Liuzhou, and has become a well-known vacationer fascination because of a well-known tale.

It is said that 3rd sis of the House of Liu was a dearest musician who experienced performing about hills and shepherds, but also belittled the avarice of the regional master in her music. One day, the infuriated master forced her into a lake, but two carps came to preserve her. 3rd sis Liu runaway on the back of one, and the other transformed into a rock mountain burying the master below him tours in China. A sculpture of 3rd sis Liu has been designed in the area where she apparently performed and from which she gradually increased to paradise. Midway up the mountain there are 7 rock caverns, such as the Arhat Cavern, Carp Cavern and other caverns which are connected together. More than 50 small monster private pools in the caverns strain through cracks in the rock to the Liu Stream.

Yufeng Hill contributes to the attractiveness of Chinese suppliers China vacation packages and this fact has combined along with overseas visitors going to the place, making it the most preferred vacation location for most of the vacation fans.

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