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The detailed information on Langzhong Ancient City (2)

Langzhong Tour China has strong social build up. The tale goes that Hua Xu, Fu Xi's mom, was expecting with Fu Xi in Langzhong who is the ancester of China nation. It is the reproduction position of Ba lifestyle and a position where Islamism, Confuciunism, Buddhism, Christianity exist together harmoniously. Langzhong was also the exploring middle of Fengshui (geomantic omen). In the Tang Empire, Yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng, two professionals on astronomy and Fengshui lifestyle, went to Langzhong, learning astronomy and Fengshui and living in privacy. They later passed away and hidden here.

Langzhong has three special items - Baoning therapy, Zhang Fei meat and lovely steamed buttocks.
- Baoning vinegar: Baoning was another name for Langzhong used during the Yuan and Ming dynasties China tour packages. In Langzhong You will discover Langzhong individuals consume Baoning therapy as a consume, tea, and even medication because it preferences outstanding and contains over 60 components of conventional Traditional chinese medication, and 18 types of meats and track components required by the body system. And also you will discover therapy bar, cafeshop or even footbath with therapy on some roads. It's worth to take a check out of the Baoning therapy manufacturer once you check out langzhong.

- Zhangfei Beef: Dry but not hard, sleek but not smooth, dark outside while red inside, is not only like the personality of Zhangfei who was a common of the Three Kingdoms Period, but also because Zhang Fei was positioned in Langzhong for seven years, and liked by the natives. And the meat has won gold award of top quality items of Florida Commercial Organization. Visitors always buy it as presents to buddies.

- Baoning lovely steamed buns: In Langzhong you can locate these kind of buttocks from stores on the roads. Each bun gets a red seal by hand to confirm its credibility. This should be best simple program China travel video food in Langzhong.

From chengdu there are regular vehicles to Langzhong daily at Beimen bus position. In Langzhong you can select to stay at 'Siheyuan' with courtyard in the conventional part. And in manufactured maybe you can select to see the exclusive Langzhong darkness puppet show.

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