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Travel experience to Xuangongsi Hanging Temple

The Clinging Monastery of Hunyuan Nation Visit china, Shanxi Region is one of China's exclusive and amazing achievements of structural technological innovation. Located about 50 mi (80 km) south east of Datong, it is designed about a third of the way up a straight high cliff in Jinlong Guan (Golden Monster Stuff or Canyon), aspect of the lengthy Hengshan (Heng mountain), one of the four holy Taoist hills. The monastery was established during the North Wei interval (386-584) in the 6th millennium, although much was rebuilt from the Tang through the Qing periods, as well as in more modern periods.

The complicated includes 40 caverns, or areas, such as six primary places, but its attribute function is the intricate wood made fade of pavilions and pathways hazardously relaxing Student tours to China on wood jutting out side to side and top to bottom from the high cliff. There are vibrant flooring on the rooftops. Within the caverns are a variety of Buddhist numbers in brown, rock, clay-based and metal. Although designed on a holy Daoist hill, it has had many impacts on it. The Three Faiths Area (San Jiao Dian) shows the syncretic factor of the China spiritual and philosophical custom. It contains the sitting pictures comprising the Buddha, Confucius and Laozi, apparently in ideal balance with each other. Most of the caverns were shut over during a freezing Nov day when this author frequented, but there were few other guests, so it was an relaxing check out.

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