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Pay a visit to General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum

Common John W. Stilwell Collection is identified in the Yuzhong Region of Yangtze river cruises Chongqing Town, People's Republic of China suppliers.

The museum rests on the site of the past U.S. army platform camping, provided as the general's home, in China suppliers amongst WW II when Chongqing (Chungking) provided as China's short-term investment. The collection disregards Jialing Stream and propagates a range of around 1.2 segments of area. The display hall's collecting of war time images is extremely great and features several useful images of the Traveling Lions, U.S. volunteers worshipped by the China. Continually the collection gets plenty of visitors getting on or off their Yangtze Stream journey in Chongqing.General John W. Stilwell Museum

Strolling into the display place China travel service, there is the protect's space in which there is a workspace, a wood made chair, and an outdated cellphone used by the General's associate.

Strolling once more, there is a collecting space used for army transactions on the left, displaying a army information on the divider panel, a compact sized than predicted cinematograph, a gramophone, and different army records. Plus the collecting space is a little shop. On the right, appears his office and living space in which the powered army stereo and cellphone of the day are kept.

Directly before the front entrance, is the living room place where the forks, rotor blades and dishes used by Common Stilwell are set on the table. There are additionally areas which provided as the kitchen and hirelings' areas.

On the first basements rug were the areas that his company filled and the areas where the weaponry was put away top China tours. Currently, they are show areas indicating several important articles and things, especially images. More than 200 unforgettable images record the General's experiences which occurred in China suppliers.

In the traditional center, people can see the way that Common Stilwell assisted the China govt and people fight against Japanese people bitterness.

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