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Get to know Legend of Yubeng Village

Yubeng Town of Yunling Nation Tour China, Deqin Nation in Yunnan Region, indicates a collecting position of Jewry in Tibetan terminology. Due to no road to accessibility Yubeng village, one can only get there by hiking or horse-riding for 18 miles, and traversing over a successfully pass for 3700 metres. Under the outstanding artisan by characteristics, Yubeng village is considered as a little of legendary Shangri-la and reflection of fairyland.

Staying in wonderful and mythological Yubeng and hiking in and around this hill variety allows walkers the chance not only to encounter characteristics but also to get a glance of fairy area. In the returning of Meili Snowfall Mountain, Yubeng village has a exclusive regional atmosphere with only some 30 citizen family members and one way accessibility the outside globe. Yubeng village contains the Higher Yubeng, where the Sino-Japanese Combined Going up the Camping is situated, and the Reduced Yubeng where trekkers and Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims proceed their journey China travel video for shower in the “Sacred Yubeng Waterfall”.

Legend goes that in the old periods, Yubeng Town was unidentified to the outside globe. One day, an old man was discovered trying to gain access to highland barley from Xidang Town near Lancang Stream. No one realized where he came from; so some individuals realized out an concept and tracked him but in useless because on the way the old man vanished. Later on, when he came returning for more meals again, Xidang villagers objected and informed him: “we aren’t going to offer you barley or rice, but just some millet”. When they packed the meals for the old man, some intelligent individuals created little gaps on the purses. After he began his journey at house, he was tracked again; but he didn’t recognize the gaps on the purses had poured the millets along the way. When he reached a large stone, again he vanished. So the amazed and unaware villagers pried up the stone and Yubeng Town was discovered.

The journey to Yubeng village China travels will be a journey of the center. When you increasing your sight to the evening sky, you will see an excellent many sparkling celebrities are shinning; when you move in the soldier, you may dancing with timber elf; the wonderful plant sea, the waves of food preparation smoking from village, the massive snow hill, all of these cause you to experience like strolling into Wonderland when you travel in here, like a desire but not a desire. Frazzle can’s quit you from discover for fact and elegance.

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