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Best Travel Experience to Lulang Forest

Going to the eastern from Bayi Town Tour China and passing through the hill pass of Serjila, Lulang woodlands appears in front of you. The scenery is particularly wonderful with snowfall hills, snow, basic woodlands, towns and waterways. The varieties of shrub and plants are rich here with a huge number of parrots relaxing and living within the woodlands.


With an elevation of 3700 metres, Lulang Forest is located in hills and jungles. It is a common hill field filter remove land Student tours to China with a length of 15 miles and an average size of one distance, mainly consisting of shrubs and dense spruces and maple plants with a field in middle.


In summer, fantastic rice surf are established with wind; in the fall and winter China travel video, the results in of plants in the hill foot become natural, then yellow and red. Watching from far, you can see the white reasoning in the blue sky sometimes in the form of running horse, sometimes in the form of yaks in the high plateau; it may operates very quickly or quite gradually, like a elegant girl or a enthusiastic boy. The nude mountains were protected with snowfall and marked with natural mdw and Tibetan homes.

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