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Get ti know History Museum of Three Kingdoms

Record Art gallery of Three Kingdoms China travel service is a concept museum in Hefei Town, concentrate on the governmental, army and professional, public interaction of that interval. Since the starting day, this museum has obtained millions of visitors from very far and experienced great good remarks on its wealthy and exclusive selections.

This museum has two methods to present and display its selections – the outside display and the inside display.

The employees of the museum set up historical bronzes buggy, warship and other associate varieties at the patio to develop an atmosphere China tour packages, which can let the visitors have a difficult impact of the Three Kingdoms.

The inside display area can be separated into 5 concept places - Entry Hall, Record Presenting Hall China tour deals, Military Hall, Numbers Hall and Sci-tech Lifestyle Hall. For the first three places, when get into each area, you will first see a big design that represented the very concept.

When get into the Entry Hall, you can see a hd revealed a popular poetry had written by Dong Po Su on your right part. In the Record Presenting Hall, you will first see the big brown tripod with three feet that indicated three kingdoms discuss the energy. Then you will see a big basilisk design appears on the middle of the Military Hall.

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