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Tips for Paying A Visit to Shigatse and Lhasa

Before I went to Tibet Tibet Travel, I did not think in this life a person must to visit Tibetan, but after I visited Tibet, I understood the feeling of those people who pay visit to Tibet every year. In Tibet, I cried, laughed, and was deeply touched. I must be honest to say material things more or less influence some people and some places in Tibet, but most of that can not cover up simplicity. After I have been to Tibet to find that it can be a kind of faith to going Tibet. I listed some tips for what to prepare and pay attention to in the following, the other will are introduced together with the travel (You can see my blog of 8 Days Mainly Visiting to Lhasa and Shigatse):

1. We brought a big thermos flask, it was my first time to go on the plateau so I must keep attention to replenish water in time, hot drinks at the same time can increase the body temperature which is beneficial to avoid a cold and have a fever. Suggest to take food of high quantity of heat, such as chocolate, beef jerky, biscuits and bread, etc.

2. Don't touch the child's head, when you go ritual walk path or walking around the Barkhor Street you must turn clockwise, and turn as singular. When you make close shot of character you need to get the prior consent. Outside many temples can take a picture, but no photos inside or charge to take photo inside. After entering Buddha hall, please take off the hat and sunglasses.

3. Things to bring: sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, lipstick (lip is easy to become dry in Tibet China travel service), long sleeve clothes, no matter how hot the weather it is you have better to wear because the sunray will burn your skin. About headgear, suggest to wear hat, I wear the baseball cap and need to adjust the direction according to the position of the sun at any time, but also I was tannedShigatse Gonggar Airport.

4. Gonggar airport security procedures is rigid that requires to check in for a long time; Suggested that arrive at the airport two hours ahead of departure time. When you return, if you want to transfer flight in Chengdu, suggested time interval for at least two hours, because the plane flew mostly from Chengdu to Lhasa and fly back, it is easy to be late.

5. About the plateau altitude stress, before leaving I let my parents ate half a month of rhodiola capsule. Out of the airport our behavior is funny, it is like who press the slow play and we walk slowly, this is necessary because if you are fast you will feel uncomfortable due to the altitude stress. Mild headache, heavy breathing, heavy footsteps are normal reactions in my opinion, the first day of the dinner on the steps I was a bit fast and I felt a little bit dizzy, after sitting down for a while I felt better, later I had no uncomfortable feeling. A suitable amount of drinking buttered tea, sweet tea, eating beef or mutton can enhance the plateau climate adaptability. Keep optimistic mood, such as psychological burden can aggravate the altitude stress. You need to prepare drug, cold medicines, intestines and stomach medicine, band-aid, etc.

6. Chartering a car costs 1100 Yuan/day, need to pay a deposit for 500 or 1000 Yuan. Our driver is Tibetan, I did not know whether the problem of speech communication, I was on travel from Lhasa to Nyingchi the last two days, and then from Nyingchi fly to Beijing and transit in Chengdu. The sixth day I was going to pay, the driver said his empty car return from Nyingchi to Lhasa is also need to pay money for a day. The final solution is that we didn’t go to Nyingchi and I refunded the ticket from Nyingchi and departured from Lhasa instead .Suggested that when chartered car, the best way to is communicate through text and keep track of all of your messages at the same time, in order to avoid subsequent ambiguity.

7. When you take photo, if someone took the yak, Foods in TibetTibetan mastiff, or take the initiative to come dressed in Tibetan, please pay attention to the charge. Before taking pictures they wouldn't tell you it needs to pay for photos with them.

8. About accommodation: two nights in Lhasa we stayed in the Trichang Labrang Hotel (near the Jokhang temple China tour packages), so it is convenient to visit Jokhang temple, Barkhor street and eat all kinds of food. Where we stay is very difficult to take a taxi because of road reparation; Two nights in Xinhua hotel (Lhasa department/the Potala Palace/ near the Baiyi supermarket), it is easy to see the Potala palace at night (you can walk there from hotel), it is better to let the waiter to arrange a room that can see the Potala Palace on one side. After leaving the Lhasa, in Shigatse we just stayed in Gang Gyen hotel, Everest base camp tents, and in Namtso Tashi Dor we lived in the Yang hotel.

9. Buying local specialty, the Baiyi supermarket is a good choice (there are a lot of branches in Lhasa, and you can ask for member price), we bought two boxes of dried beef and cheese. The shredded dried beef, Tibetan milk and fruit are good. In Barkhor Street we were only wandered, not to buy things. Buying goods there, haggling is the most important strategy.

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