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Travel Guide - Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum

Hangzhou Southeast Music Empire Guan Kiln Art gallery China travel service is located in the western piedmont of Turtle Mountain, the southern edge of Yuhuang Mountain. Standing at the south top of West Pond vacationer website, it was first of all constructed to be a clay designed museum depending on the historical relic -- the famous Jiaotanxia Southeast Music Imperial Kiln Relic.

Covering a website place of about 26,000 rectangle metres and a building place of 7,357 rectangle metres, the Art gallery is elegant-arranged in a basic environment. It was formally started out up to the community in 1992, extensively rebuilt in 2002, which fully brought out the unique charm and features of historical imperial Kiln China vacation packages, and released the expansion project of Stage II in2007, newly adding China Ceramic Lifestyle Area, Ceramics Training Middle, Provisional Area, and Archaized Pottery Manufacturer, etc. Taking the connection between ceramics and everyday life as access point, the China Ceramic Lifestyle Show roundly and greatly exposed the powerful and comprehensive culture of China clay culture.

Hangzhou Southeast Music Imperial Kiln Art gallery China tour operator, developing collection, display, education and enjoyment, has grown to be a highly recognized and valued clay culture center and a brilliant ancient milestone of Hangzhou due to its important efforts on advertising clay culture and recreating the view of historical Hangzhou, the capital of Southeast Music. It is the “Civilized Art gallery of Zhejiang Province”, and connected to the first group of “Educational base of patriotism”. Since May Eighteenth, 2003, the Art gallery has been opening to the community for free.

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