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Get to know Langshan Mountain

Located in Xingning Nation, Shaoyang City China tourism, Hunan Region, the picturesque place has a large place protected with stone structures called "Crimson Glow"-a unusual topographic feature in the world. Huge stones of dark red color of repulsive types present visitors a outstanding vision. The Langshan Hill hills are protected with bamboo bedding groves, where various kinds of parrots live. It is separated into five parts known as respectively Violet Shine Land, Fuyi Stream, Camel Optimum, Ox Nasal area Adventure and Octagonal in shape Adventure.

Langshan Hill is a universe of sequence Danxia landforms with group structrue, which shows is essential morphological development China vacation packages, development and progress from early stone statue and segmentation to late deterioration morphology.

langshan Hill features fascinating and strong positive-landform China tour operator as well as attractive and stylish negative-landform, which types various and unitized beat to merge inflexibility with producing, to merge variety with convenience, to merge vividness with orderliness.

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