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Travel Guide - Narat Grassland

Narat Grassland China travel service is situated in Yili Kazak Independent Prefecture on the european advantage of Tianshan Mountain. It is a stream bed grassland and one of the four on the globe. It is 180 km lengthy from eastern to european. The popular Ili stream moves through Ili Area. July and Sept every season, various crazy blossoms flourishing on the hill. They are red, yellow-colored, violet, red vibrant.

There is a legent about Narat Grassland, in olden days, when Mongol military traversing the Tianshan mountain, some of them were passing away of cool temperature. They came to this wonderful valley and cried noisy in enjoyment “Narat, Narat”, that was how the grassland was known as. Significance of Narat is the “ the first position to see the sun” in Mongol terminology China vacation packages.

Ethnic team in Narat Grassland is Kazakhs China tour operator who increase their herds in the grassland. Yurts put up where individuals created it their house. It is one of the best locations to see and encounter the regional Kazakh way of life.

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