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Get to know Chinese Medicine Valley

Showering Tang Chinese suppliers China travel service Medication Place civilization guided wellness travel and leisure new fashion huge wellness Chinese suppliers Medication Place amusement car park is in the scenic three stone Zhuhai, the appeal of the field near the ancient Egyptian H2o Park - Lost Town, with South China's largest imperial lawn - - New Yuanming Structure river, close to eighty thousand square meters building area, an wind turbine sixty million, is a culture-based medical proper care in Chinese suppliers, into the SPA, treated shower and traditional Traditional chinese medicine, Traditional chinese medicine herbs and other concepts, and travel and leisure, medical proper care, enjoyment, meals lifestyle as one of the new wellness areas.

Chinese suppliers Medication Place in court bathing lifestyle as the background, a comprehensive display of the Tang Dynasty palace China vacation packages bathing customs, as well as wellness secretary interesting palace bathed in elegant, comfortable environment to enjoy well-configured treated shower and feel the profound Chinese suppliers Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, etc. lifestyle reflected the heart level, inaction, static to self-cultivation appeal. Chinese suppliers Medication Place has a shower areas: outdoor and indoor 30 kinds of various functions medicine pool; viewing area: H2o Large Tang-style bathing field performance, koi ornamental, herbal planting, lawn Lin Xiaojing, etc.; wellness districts: egg roll, etc.

Signature Massage, Traditional chinese medicine consultation China tour operator, deluxe rooms, dry vapor wet steam; Diet Museum: variety of specialty wellness food; enjoyment district: chess, fitness ...... just come over, you will love, no one can be an exception! Getting Chinese suppliers Medication Place is situated in Zhuhai, Zhuhai Jiuzhou Avenue Lan Po, the town has 1,13,20,25,30,40,60,99,201 other lines of buses and sightseeing bus pass. PRD places, major places in the province have direct taxi Zhuhai, Guangzhou Jinhan taxi bus station and travel straight to the New Yuanming Structure (Zhuhai Chinese suppliers Medication Valley), and convenient. After transfer to Zhuhai city called the bus or taxi to the fare is about 2 - 20.

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