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The brief introduction to Taihu Lake

Located on the south of Yangtze Delta plain China travel service, Taihu Pond is also on the boundary of Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. It is be well known at home and overseas for the pretty scenery of ponds and hills as well as spectacular human scenery. Therefore, a huge number of visitors are drawn by its popularity like travel.

Tai Pond is fed by Shao Flow and Jing Flow, and then separated into more than 70 waterways streaming into Yangtze Flow China vacation packages, among which Huangpu Flow in Shanghai is the primary watercourse for depleting.The whole h2o program of Tai Pond includes more than 180 big or small ponds and forms a spider-web through all watercourses. The primary stream of Tai Pond h2o program is Jiangnan Tunel which is a part of the famous canal, Jinghang Huge Tunel.

For centuries, Taihu Pond China tour operator remains a lot of well deserved features for traveling. In Suzhou, there are the traditional landscapes, Yonghui Forehead, Tongyi Garden, Xuanyang Cavern, Biyun Cavern, Yuwang Forehead, Baima Forehead, Luohan Forehead, Suzhou Taihu Pond Wetland Park and Taihu Pond National Resort.

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