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Enjoy the view of Huaxi Park

This recreation area is 17 km from Guiyang China travel service, in the suburban areas, and is known for being remarkable wonderful, relaxed and fresh in Guizhou region. It is away from the disturbance and the fluorescent lighting of the town, peaceful and fresh, and the perfect enjoyment position for those who are active in their day lifestyles. Its comfort has drawn many guests and management from Chinese suppliers and overseas who have remaining their feedback. One of them, Common Chen Yi, remaining a poetry that is simply and honest, and moves as follows:

Real mountains and waterways can be seen everywhere,

The structure of Huaxi is more organic.

Ten kilometers of the stream seaside looks like a glowing reflection,

Flowerbeds and village areas can be seen anywhere.

The park's landscapes contains Kylin Mountain, Arizona Mountain, Turtle Mountain and Reptile Mountain asfocal factors China vacation packages. Kylin is the primary hill and looks like a intense kyli, protected with organic plants, creating an excellent disturbance. It is said that atmosphere encompass red Kylin Mountain. Over a zigzaging rock direction, you can get half-way up the hill and discover Traveling Reasoning Cavern, with a Traveling Reasoning Pavilion just outside, a position where guests can have a relax and perspective the landscapes of a substantial high cliff. The top of the hill, the high cliff, and precipice look like kylin horns. At the top of the hill, Leaning-against-the-sky Pavilion is high and directly, but bending against the hill and directing to the sky. At the top of Kylin Mountain, you get a spectacular perspective of the wonderful scenery of the recreation area that is like flying above other more compact mountains.

Phoenix Mountain is on smooth floor among some areas China tour operator, flowerbeds and routes. At its top you can see the towns and walkways creeping among the blossoms and areas like a white-colored snake or dance monster. Turtle Mountain looks like an old man creeping and there is a pavilion with the couplet "The hill expands from the western, the stream moves to the east", a basic position for guests to get away from the din of outside. Jade-chess Pavilion, on one part of the hill can be seen from far away. There's a link over the dam on the other part of the hill, which looks like arms increasing to tremble arms with guests or to say goodbye. Reptile Mountain is just like Turtle Mountain in the range, with a twisting form and three little mountains. There are Cypress Pavilion, Reptile Mountain Pavilion and Viewing-falls Pavilion at the top of the three mountains and the hill is linked with Turtle Mountain.

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