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Where is Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City?

Zhoucun Historical Professional Town China travel service is until well-preserved after 100's of decades. In Zhoucun Historical Professional Town, individuals will see roads operating across prevents, stores status in excellent figures and structures of unique structure designs. Zhoucun Historical Professional Town is consisting of some ancient commercial roads and prevents like Da Jie (the Great Street), Si Shi Jie (Silk Industry Street), Yin Zi Shi Jie (Silver Industry Street) and so on.

In the southern of Zhoucun Historical Professional Town, there take a position former website of head office of the Shandong military which was to battle against Yuan Shikai and protect the republic. In the northern, there are Ming Jiao Forehead, Qian Fo Structure (Temple of A Million Buddha) and Hui Lengthy Link China vacation packages. This is where organic and social heritages in Zhoucun are collecting.

Da Jie (the Great Street) is the primary road in Zhoucun Historical Professional Town. It is the road that is of the biggest range and with lengthy record in Zhoucun. First designed during the decades of Yongle in Ming Empire, Da Jie (the Great Street) established it unique structure in the nith season of Chongzhen in Ming Empire.

It starts at the traversing of Si Shi Jie (Silk Industry Street Business travel to China) and Yin Zi Shi Jie (Silver Industry Street) in the southern and finishes at Shuo Yi Checkpoint, about 2 li (1 distance, about 0.62 mile) long. Bei JI Structure can be found in the center of Da Jie, reducing Da Jie into two parts: the northern aspect and the the southern part of aspect. What is maintained now is mainly the the southern part of aspect, which is about 400 metres long.

Tourist Path Recommended: Qian Fo Forehead (Temple of A Million Buddha) – San Yi Area – Min Su Zhan Guan (Exhibition Area of Folk-customs) – Piao Hao Zhan Guan (Exhibition Area of Companies for Return and Return of Money) – Da Ran Fang (Big Passing away Workshop) – Kui Xing Structure – Art Art gallery of Zibo. It requires about 4 time to check out all the picturesque areas detailed above.

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