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Guilin travel experience - Yangdi

The area of Li Stream from Yangdi to Xingping China travel service is the substance of the scenery of Li Stream. Every stormy year, Yangti is wresathed by spray and cloud; which types a mystic and chaneable landscapes. Within the area lting two isles, like two mandarin geese enjoying in h2o, which are known as mandarin goose isles. Along the area status ever organic plants, which look like two wonderful organic displays. During the dry year, Yangti becoms the place to start of Li Stream traveling.

There are two mountains behind the town (because the form of the two mountains is like lambs hoof), hence its name Yangdi (China vacation packages the homophonic terms of “sheep hoof” in Chinese). In the northern of the town, there is a mountain known as Jinji Hill (Golden Rooster Hill) looks like a rooster if you use your creativity. And in the eastern, another mountain known as Baihu Hill (White Competition Hill) is status there with a fountain flowing down. Looking on the stream, tourists may only see one or two rooftops, or several kids enjoying by the stream, so it's difficult to suppose there is a town close by.

Two methods are suggested to journey around Yangdi Business travel to China. One is getting a bamboo bedding number or a vessel by the present downstream and admiring the landscapes along the river; the other is strolling along the stream from Yangdi to Xingping (it requires 5 or 6 hours).

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