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White Emperor City Tour for Looking for Charming Scenery

Located within the Fengjie County of Chongqing Municipality, the White Emperor City situates at the north of the mouth of Qutang Gorge on the Yangtze River on China travel. Going downstream through Fengjie County by ship, people will see the mouth of Qutang Gorge within the distance. High on the towering hills within the north of Yangtze River stand clusters of castles and homes that are hided within the lush trees. This can be the White Emperor City—the well-renowned tourist destination of the Three Gorges Region.

Phoenix Stele. Engraved on the stele are phoenixes, king of birds, peony, king of flowers and Chinese parasol, king of trees. So it is also called "Three King Stele" along Yangtze river cruise. Two of the stone tablets are carved with pictures of unique styles. One is carved with a phoenix, the king of birds; a peony, the king of flowers; and a parasol tree, the king of trees. The tablet is therefore called the Phoenix Tablet or the Tablet of Three Kings. The other is called the Bamboo Leaf Tablet because it is carved with a poem with all the characters made up by bamboo leaves. Both are unusually conceived.

Famous poets such as Libai, Dufu, Bai Juyi, Liu Yuxi, Sushi, Huang Tingjian, Fan Chengda, Liuyong all had climbed White Emperor City and traveled around Kui Gate and therefore left many poems describing those scenic spots. Among the poems, the most impressive and popular one along China business travel is "Departure from the BaidiCheng at Dawn" written by Libai—"Bidding the Town farewell when morning clouds hang low. A long trip through canyons I made in a mere day. Monkey cries were heard on either bank all through the way. While the boat passed by mountains swiftly in a row." Therefore, BaidiCheng is also known as "Poem Town". In the future, BaidiCheng will be surrounded by water on all four sides. This will make the town a fairyland with astonishing beauty and charming scenery. Visitors can get into the city directly by cruise ships.

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