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Extensive Travel on Prince Gong's Mansion

Gong Wang Fu, generally known as Stylish elegant Prince Gong's Mansion China travel service, was intended for Reverend He Shen in the late 18th century and later sent to Stylish elegant prince Gong by Emperor Xianfeng in 1851. Found on the european street of Qianhai, Stylish elegant Prince Gong's Mansion has a modern record, having offered your dream house for princes and regulators, then a school, and later been somewhat ignored, and then restored. The scenery in Stylish elegant Prince Gong's Mansion are now believed to be the most the same and authentic of managed traditional scenery. In 1982 this was included with the list of "second key types of useful social relics under state protection".

The garden, surrounded by artificial hills, is known as Jincui Yuan, and is of excellent located on account of its framework and various design. It contains a space of 28,000 rectangular shape metres (6.9 acres) and contains 20 attractive places Beijing tour packages, each generally different from the others. The access via a give provides you into an enormous garden. An excellent but elegant rockery at the center point satisfies you. There are mountain hills, ponds, caverns, research and pavilions assigned throughout your garden. The 'Western-Style Gate,' the 'Grand Theatre House' and the 'fu' Stele to be found in your garden are generally known as the 'Three Creativity in the Stylish elegant prince Gong's Mansion'.

Prince Gong's Mansion one of the most wonderful and best-preserved elegant properties in China travel guide and used to deal with several close relatives, and has a complete place of 60,000 rectangular shape metres. The home components are operating out of the south; the scenery are in north of manchester. The components include several siheyuan courtyards, two story components, and even an enormous Peking Opera house. In addition to the house, there is a 28,000-square-metre garden, with 20 attractive places, pavilions, artificial hills such as rock via the Taihu Lake in Jiangsu, and ponds. There is a 8-meter-long stele which has the character ? (fú: good fortune), designed based on the calligraphy of Emperor Kangxi on it.

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