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Go on Travel to Suzhou

Strategy your Suzhou tour China tourism? We’ve ready a listing of the top 10 must see destinations in Suzhou, which may be ideal for your preparing your brief visit to Suzhou.Suzhou is situated on the bottom gets to of the Yangtze River and on the shoreline of Taihu Pond in the Province of Jiangsu Province.

The town well known for its stone connects, pagodas, and carefully developed landscapes which have provided to its position as an excellent vacationer fascination.Suzhou loves excellent popularity worldwide for its stylish landscapes. travel China guide for more. It is said that the landscapes to the southern of Yangtze River are the best on the globe, and Suzhou landscapes are the best among them. Suzhou draws many guests both house and overseas every day.
No. 01: Lion Grove Garden
Lion Grove Lawn, which is situated at 23 Yuanlin Street Suzhou Area of Jiangsu Province of Chinese, is well known for the big and labyrinthine grotto of Taihu stone at the garden’s middle. Read also Shanghai travel.

The Lion Grove Lawn was integrated 1342 CE during the Yuan Empire by a Zen Buddhist monk.Since 1954, the Lion Grove Lawn has been start to the community. |The garden is most popular for its intricate grotto of Taihu stone.

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