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China Travel Guide: Amazing Lugu Lake

Since it is situated on the boundary between Yunnan Region and Sichuan Region, Lugu Lake China travel service vacationer place has two parts: Yunnan Lugu Lake and Sichuan Lugu Lake. At present, it is very practical to see the Lugu Lake Tourist Places both from Chengdu or Lijiang. Guests can choose to go there by frequent long-distance bus, hiring a car, journey and car, practice and car.

Lugu Lake is renowned for its unusual natural landscapes, exclusive and strange lifestyle of the Mosuo people, and matriarchal system and strolling wedding customized. Travel China for more. To help make worldwide visitors know more about Lugu Lake before leaving, we sum up the following newest and most finish information and tips.

With an level of about 2690m and a space about 48.45 rectangle miles, Lugu Lake looks like a horse's hoof. Read also Beijing Cuisine. The colour of the river changes regularly throughout a day. There are 5 big isles in the Lugu Lake and 14 Mosuo towns around the river. A street road around the lake is about 76km. Guests can increase, bike, or take the touring bus to see every destinations, such as Walking Marriage, Link, Caohai, Lama Forehead, Goddess Beach, Spouse's Division, Lige Peninsula, etc.

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