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Amazing Scenery of Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake China tours is the most important highland lake next to Dianchi and one of the seven biggest water lakes in China. It means, 'sea recognized like an ear', in Chinese providers. Showing that the stream is ear recognized and as large as a sea, hence it was so known as. The lake contains an position of 250 rectangular shape kilometers and is located about two kilometers southeast of Dali. It is like a cres soothing between Cangshan and Dali city as seen from Cangshan Set up. In a warm day, the incredibly wealthy rich waters of Erhai Lake and the snow mantled Cangshan Set up represent with each other. Thus the area was generally described as 'Silver Cangshan and Jade massage mattresses massage mattresses Erhai'.

Erhai Lake is located in the Dali of Yunnan Province. Since it has a shape of an ear, it gets the name Erhai (Ear Lake). More China travel info at: Chinese cuisine for more. It expands 42 kilometers from north to southeast and 3.9 kilometers from southeast to european. The lake contains an position of more than 250 rectangular shape kilometers and is 21.5 meters at the deepest. It is ranked the second set up Yunnan Province and the 7th standard water lake in the country by position and water storage space.

The Erhai Lake was recognized by the subsidence of geological error. Read also China tourist attractions . It is well-known as the gem on level for its wonderful scenery. The popular locations of the Erhai Lake include Three Islets, namely Jinsuo, Chiwen, and Yuji, Four Places, namely Malian, Mandarin Goose, Qingsha, and Daguanpeng, and Nine Forms, namely Lotus, Huge Motorised lift, Panji, Phoenix Side, Dill, Ox Horn, Bozuo, Gaopin, Increasing Motorised lift. Besides these locations, the stream also has some other locations such as Eye shadows of Three Systems, Nine-Arched Stone Link, and Jade massage mattresses massage mattresses Beast Playing in the Water, etc.

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