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Erhai Lake-Second Biggest Lake in Yunnan Province Tour Guide

Erhai Lake China travel service is the second biggest lake in Yunnan Province, with the Dianchi lake position the first. It starts in the northern from Jiangwei Town of Eryuan Nation to Xiaguan of Dali in the southeast, and is as long as 41.5 miles from the northern to southeast. It includes an region of about 251 rectangle miles, with an elevation of 1,972 metres. From a bird’s eye view, you will find Erhai Lake is just like a cres relaxing silently between Cangshan Hill and the Sink of Dali. The China provided it the name of Erhai Lake because its shape appears like a human ear.

On the southeast end of Erhai Lake can be found Tuanshan Hill, which is the place to find Erhai Recreation place, an ideal place to dip in the landscapes and natural charm of the river and hills. China Travel Agency for more. Start the park from the small docking station and go up the mountain along the rock steps. At the top of the mountain you will see the Sea Viewing Pavilion with traveling eaves. Walk in this pavilion and food your eyes on the landscapes of Erhai Lake and Cangshan Hill.

Between Erhai Lake and Cangshan Hill can be found a set alluvial basin which contains rich farmlands and many towns, as well as the Chongsheng Forehead and Three Pagodas. This place has gained the appropriate handle "Scenic Gallery', since wonderful picturesque opinions, key points of passions and vibrant folk-customs are plentiful.

Erhai Lake depends on a mistake line and was established by the moving in tectonic dishes, in turn changing the planet's crusting. Read also top 10 China tour packages. All in all, the river is the place to find 3 isles, 4 islets, 5 lakes and 8 bendings. The water is so obvious you can see the base. Because of its unbelievable visibility, Erhai Lake has been called the "flawless and wonderful jade massage beds relaxing among mountains", even in olden days. It is said that on the sea bed there develops a very big jade massage beds clothes, and in fact the obvious water is the jade massage beds fluid streaming from the heart of the clothes.

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