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Dali Erhai Lake Wetland Park China travel

Dali Erhai Lake Wetland Park China travel is a wetland ecological park aimed to protect the mother lake -Erhai Lake in Dali. There are beautiful scenery and comfortable life style there. Dali Erhai Lake Wetland Park is the most popular leisure parks in Xiaguan(the developed commercial area in Dali Bai Minority Autonomous Prefecture).Here is the best place to enjoy the Erhai Lake Moon(one of the top 4 supreme attractions in Dali:wind in Xiaguan, flower in Shangguan, snow in Cangshan Mountain, moon in Erhai Lake-wind, flower, snow, moon ). The wetland park was built from 2011 and now is still under construction. travel China guide for more. Most of the areas in the Erhai Lake Wetland Park have been opened to the public. In August, 2012, under the lead ship of the local government, Dali City has already completed the Ecological Restoration Area of 58 km for Conversion of Cropland to Forest, Conversion of Pool toLake, and Conversion of Building to Wetland.

In the Erhai Lake area, dotted with a number of large and small wetlands. Read also Shanghai travel. This is not only reduces the production activities encroachment to Erhai Lake and threats to ecological function, but also be a good place for people enjoy the cool air, recreation, culture and entertainment.

Erhai Lake Wetland Park is locating at the north of the Xiguan city and extending along the Erhai Lake West Bank. It is 50 meters away from the Erhai Love Musical Fountain.

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