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Travel to Historical Lijiang Ancient Town Guide

Lijiang old Town China tours is formally known as "Dayan Town", "Dayan" basically means a "great ink stab", a visual information of the town's place on a piece of wealthy flatland fed by a stream and enclosed by natural hills. Dayan Town is the large Naxi agreement first designed during the Southeast Music Empire some eight hundreds of years ago. Dayan Town is one of the few locations in China with well-preserved old style individuals components. In Dec 1986, the State Authorities specific the place as a popular conventional historical and social area of a nationwide quality. In 1997, the UNESCO put Lijiang on a list of the world's significant social heritages.

There is no other town in China like Dayan which includes the folkways of so many individuals and the structural designs of both southern and northern China. The area is on flatland about 2,400 metres above sea level. China vacation for more. To its northern are Mt. Xiangshan and Mt.Jinhong and to its western, Mt. Shizi, which successfully protect the town from winter gusts of wind. Earthen and timber made real estate components are most popular in the old town. A common courtyard here appears like what is found in Beijing-- walled and in nice pieces, with the concept areas experiencing southern. Compared with the China courtyard which has areas experiencing eastern and western, huge passages line both ends of the Naxi courtyard which also has an magnificent posture over the entrance. Connects are seen everywhere, connecting streets and paths. Many were designed during the Ming and Qing period from the Fourteenth to early Twentieth hundreds of years which have live through the conflicts and quakes. For all this, the town is known as the "Venice of China" or the "Suzhou on the plateau".

Dayan Ancient Town of Lijiang, Lijiang Destinations, Lijiang Travel GuideThe heart of the Dayan Town is known as "Square Street"-business middle which works as a hub of interaction to Sichuan Tibet and other areas of Yunnan. In addition, Sifang (square) Road is popular for being covered with little stores. Read also Chinese custom . Five significant streets link all the streets and paths. Streets which run beside the sources are all introduced with vibrant cobbles. After rainfall, they look glowing and nice. Naxi women, dressed in their red pleated dresses and degree shawls designed with seven celebrities and seven lace, add a ongoing appeal to the standard town. Most of the citizens of the Dayan Town are Naxi individuals. Their properties are conventional components with designed supports and coloured rafters. The genetic (master) of the Naxi community all come from the Mu (wood) family.

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